Jun. 27, 2016


Riversedge Developments signs Memorandums of Understanding with Blackwood Technology and the Moose Cree First Nation


With the potential for transforming the regions woody biomass into a regenerative energy resource providing economic growth and innovation; Riversedge Developments, the Moose Cree First Nation and Blackwood Technology from the Netherlands have signed Memorandums of Understanding to assess regional feedstock conversion capacity and the business case for a torrefaction plant at Iroquois Falls.


Worldwide, there is increasing pressure to move away from using fossil coal by replacing it with renewable alternatives. Co-firing of torrefied biomass is such an alternative and has the advantage of using existing coal infrastructure, thereby minimizing the investment needs to switch from coal to biomass.


Torrefaction is a thermal process used to produce high-grade solid biofuels from various streams of woody biomass or agro residues. The end product is a high quality solid biofuel with far greater energy density and energy value than the original feedstock, providing significant benefits in logistics, handling and storage.

Blackwood Technology is the propriety developer of a the only torrefaction system in the world proven to work at an industrial scale.  Torrefied pellets produced in the demo torrefaction plant of Topell Energy in Duiven, the Netherlands have been successfully co-fired in several Dutch power plants and smaller CHP systems.


At present, there is an existing co-firing market in Europe a growing co-firing market in Japan and Korea, while nationally, several provinces in Canada are now banning the use of fossil coal, which could lead to a local off-take market for torrefied pellets.


With the closure of the paper mill, its impact on the allocation and usage of forestry resources and the resulting job losses, these converging energy and technology trends position Iroquois Falls, the Moose Cree First Nation and North Eastern Ontario to capitalize on regional advantages for the development of a renewable, forestry-based biomass economy.

Jan. 21, 2016


Northern Ontario development maverick, Riversedge Developments, partners with award winning project management veteran Colliers Project Leader (formerly MHPM)


“The deindustrialization of our communities and the economic vacuum it generates has led to the need for reinvention, call it revitalization, call it restoration, what matters is the creation of new value and the opportunities it creates. Closing the gap between site liability and site revaluation is not for the faint of heart. We’ve pioneered the process of integrated restorative development, took a big bite, rapidly expanded and are now partnering with project management powerhouse MHPM to bring a new level of operational excellence to our projects.”


Justus Veldman, CEO, Riversedge Developments


Founded 2009, in Tillsonburg ON, and operating out of the historic Lake Superior Pulp and Paper building in Sault Ste. Marie since 2012, Riversedge Developments has recently purchased the 1940’s era, former RBC Bank Building in the Sault to relocate its corporate headquarters and accommodate the growth its driving in Integrated Restorative Development (IRD). As a leader in IRD, Riversedge specializes in the revitalization of distressed or idled industrial properties with experience in advancing the revitalization of the former St. Mary’s Paper Mill in Sault Ste. Marie ON, the active redevelopment of the former NORAMPAC Paper Mill in Red Rock ON, and the new Brewery Block development of the former Northern Breweries property in Sault Ste. Marie.


With strong regional knowledge and its corporate partnership with Colliers International, a worldwide commercial real estate services organization, Riversedge has partnered with MHPM to bring its experience in delivering over 8,000 successful projects across Canada since 1989 to its Integrated Restorative Development projects.


“We’re in the business of helping our clients maximize the value of their infrastructure and real estate investments through seasoned project leadership. Partnering with Riversedge Developments provides us with new opportunities to apply our experience to the creation of lasting value in challenging development environments.”


Damian Joy, President, MHPM Development Solutions



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