A process that simply makes sense.

Riversedge Developments was founded after many years working in the fields of asset recovery, remediation, revitalization and creative capital development where we built strong relationships with project partners that span some of Canada’s leading demolition, remediation and urban planning firms.


It was through this experience that we recognized there was a gap in the market and that these gaps were crippling distressed properties and the communities that surround them.


On the one hand.

On the other.

On the one hand a community or corporation that has experienced the loss of an industry also incurs the cost of trying to sell or revalue a distressed asset. Typically the structural value of the property is striped leaving a brownfield requiring remediation, further devaluing the property and its prospects for redevelopment.

One the other hand corporations or property owners are looking for a controlled transfer of ownership that limits their exposure to further financial loss and liability while providing an exit strategy that enables the property to be responsibly developed.


This gap can contain ecosystems, brownfields, civil infrastructure and heritage buildings all being managed in silos. Similarly the disciplines typically addressing these problems ranging from politics to architecture, engineering and planning also operate in silos.


Closing the gap between the interests of communities, corporations and municipal governments by providing a single point of contact that sees a project through from initial demolition and cleanup through to site revitalization and programming is where we’re positioned.



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