Advancing Revitalization

Riversedge Developments is a restorative development company specializing in the integrated revitalization of distressed industrial properties.

Leveraging public and private funding we invest in projects where our experience leading decommissioning, asset recovery and restorative development teams can provide long-term gains for the investors, partners and communities we work with.

Headquartered in Northern Ontario, we provide a single point of contact for communities and corporations looking for progressive, long-term solutions.

Recent News

Northern Ontario development maverick, Riversedge Developments, partners with award winning project management veteran Colliers Project Leaders.


Key Services

Riversedge Developments leads a comprehensive range of integrated services bridging all phases of a restorative development program, including community engagement, resource and opportunity mapping, detailed decommissioning and demolition services, resource recovery, environmental assessment and remediation, community centered design and development, through to investment and revenue modeling.


and Demolition

Asset Recovery





    Decommissioning and Demolition


    Riversedge Developments’ has extensive experience leading complete structural demolition services throughout the oil and gas, pulp and paper, institutional and manufacturing sectors.

    • Demolition Analysis

    • Structural Demolition

    • Selective Demolition

    • Interior Demolition

    • Strip-Out Services

    • Zero Energy and Utility Shutoff

    • Workflow and Site Servicing Plans

    • Hazardous Waste Management


    Asset Recovery


    Riversedge Developments’ integrated demolition and asset recovery services significantly reduce disposal cost through the selective removal and recycling of structural debris and recovered equipment.


    • Revenue Analysis

    • Rigging and Transportation Services

    • Equipment Removal

    • Equipment Marketing and Sales



    Riversedge Developments’ multidisciplinary planning team works at the intersection of design, engineering and economics to develop solutions for adaptive renewal and restorative development. Our integrated approach to addressing the natural and built environment inclusive of community dynamics provides a resiliant platform for communities, corporations and governments to find mutually beneficial solutions for their project needs.



    Riversedge Developments’ coordinates soil remediation programs through leading remediation companies best positioned to meet specific site requirements.

Core Principles

Our success is driven by three core principles we carry throughout our projects and contributes to the strategic framework that informs our initiatives.

1. Ambitious in what we do

2. Adaptive in how we work

We’re aggressive in developing equitable returns for our investors, the communities we work in and the partners we work with and challenge ourselves to continually evolve our processes for achieving mutually beneficial results.

We’ve learned that developing solutions that intersect the natural, built and socioeconmoic environments requires both entrepreneurial thinking and social innovation strategies to create a resilient environment for renewal.

3. Transparent in how we act

We strive to work responsively with all project stakeholders and clearly communicate project expectations and results. Our ability to establish open dialogue across a diverse range of stakeholders has enabled us to build strong partnerships and is a key principal we bring to all projects.

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